Kawasaki Leg Day Phase I

Kawasaki Leg Day Phase I

"Kawasaki Leg Day" is the legacy of Team Kawasaki and the heart of "The Kawasaki Way" all athletes must go through the gauntlet of pain through high reps, high intensity and never say die attitude. 

majority of people, don't push themselves to the level necessary to truly stimulate muscle growth in legs. the Kawasaki Leg Day will push you to levels you never thought you could achieve. Don't be surprised of you vomit. This training is not for the timid. 


Winning is ALL CONSUMING."

Coach Dibz

Domenick "Dibz" DIbenedetto is an IFBB Classic Physique Pro and NASM certified personal trainer, Nutritionist, Bodybuilding Coach and NLP Practitioner. His specialties include working with the mental aspect of winning and removing limiting beliefs. Trained by Master NLP practitioner Paul Ross and Michael Jordan's Trainer Tim Grover. Domenick will work with you to push past your limiting beliefs and develop the mental tools you need to win championships! His athletic clientele varies from OCB bodybuilders, Fitness Models, and crossfit athletes. He also manages the Kawasaki Online Dojo alongside of Master Trainer Mike Kawasaki

- Domenick Dibenedetto IFBB Pro