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Mike Kawasaki

Mike is the trainer for champions. His teaching for the past 25 years occur during individual and group training sessions. His coaching style is transformational. He quickly assesses your strengths, negotiates goals with you, and prepares you for the competitive journey ahead. Mike Kawasaki improves your physique on and off the stage through challenging and rewarding training sessions. If you have a desire to get in peak condition and improve your presentation skills, look no further. His sessions leave you reenergized, satisfied, and breathless. Mike brings out the champion in you.


The Kawasaki Online Dojo brings you directly with athletes and coaches who will hold you accountable for your progress. Weekly check ins, customized diet and daily workouts to bring out the warrior in you!


The Kawasaki Online Dojo is for bodybuilders and Athletes with the biggest heart. Working together to develop each other mentally and physically to win competitions. Whether it be on stage, on a track, or crossfit games. The one with the biggest heart will always bring the greatest fight.


Winners build off each other. Seeing your teammate win is going to want to push you to win. In our secret group of bodybuilders and athletes we stay loyal to each other during our journeys and support each other on our way to win championships.

Fitness Courses

Download our exclusive courses and receive access to workout videos designed by experts to take your game to the next level.


12 Weeks to Gains program is designed for anyone new to the gym life. A 12 week program designed to develop your muscles and give you the baseline development for any continues training programs. 
a journey of a thousand miles, must begin with a single step. the 12 weeks to Gains is recommended for anyone new to weightlifting and considers themselves a "beginner" 



The Bigger-Badder-Arms program is a two phase program designed to give you those full thick arms that turn heads. There is no better feeling like putting on a T shirt and having arms that will make anyone look twice. Claim your Bigger Badder Arms NOW!



PHASE II of the Bigger-Badder-Arms program is exactly what you need to put the finishing touches on your GUNZ! With our high volume/high intensity training let us bring out that definition and conditioning to your arms for that overall impressive look! This program is NOT for beginner and we recommend you have completed PHASE I to prepare yourself for the intensity of "The Kawasaki Way."  



Summer time creeping up and want to show off your glutes? the Booty by Dibz programs was designed by Coach Dibz to develop a womans booty that she dreamed of. 
"Some women dont want big arms or shoulders, they just want to look sexy for the summer. That is what the Booty by Dibz program is for. Do the program yourself or add it to your regimen for that extra glute work" - Coach Dibz
Get ready for summer by showing off your booty with the Booty by Dibz program!



With the uncertainty of gyms reopening or closing and equipment availability. The Covid Cut program is an at home program designed to help you maintain muscle and promote fat loss with a bench, some dumbbells' and bands.
"Problem planning, is problem solving" be prepared for shutdowns with this 8 week at home program to help you keep all your hard earned muscle! Now only 59 dollars!


Kawasaki Leg Day Phase I

"Kawasaki Leg Day" is the legacy of Team Kawasaki and the heart of "The Kawasaki Way" all athletes must go through the gauntlet of pain through high reps, high intensity and never say die attitude. 

majority of people, don't push themselves to the level necessary to truly stimulate muscle growth in legs. the Kawasaki Leg Day will push you to levels you never thought you could achieve. Don't be surprised of you vomit. This training is not for the timid. 


Kawasaki Leg Day Phase I

The Kawasaki Way

Built upon decades of pushing athletes to the next level


The difference between winning and losing, is your mindset. Many people can start something, few can finish. Let Coach Dibz take your mental development to the next level with this 6 week interactive Mental Toughness course.

6 Week Mental Toughness Program

Weekly Zoom Meetings

Break Through Your Barriers

Exclusive Members Only Area

Push Past Your Limits

Only $500.00


"On April 1, 2019 after careful consideration I asked Coach Dibz to be my coach and immediately he provided me with step by step plan to get me show ready. Within three days I had a meal plan and a new workout routine. I started 12 weeks out and although tough it was very rewarding in the end. The..."

Dre Forbes

OCB Pro Physique Competitor

"A lot of people look at body builders and believe that it comes easy to them. Like it's a secret formula to getting the results you want. To be honest, I was one of them. I tried every weight loss challenge and gimmick under the sun and actually lost weight only to gain it back. When I first aske..."

Brandon Adams

OCB Bodybuilder

"So I thought I knew a little something about working out. That was until I started training with Coach Dibz. I learned more in one year working out with him than I did on my own for the last 4 years before that. Him taking the time to correct my form and explain why we do things the way we do is ..."

Jager Hendrickson

NPC Competitor

"Working with Dibz was definitely a learning experience. Being a young personal trainer he opened my mind to more than just training it wasn’t just about how much weight you can lift it was mental. He wanted to know are you focusing on the right muscle and understanding what you are doing and if n..."

Adasha Hendrix

NPC Competitor

Winning is ALL CONSUMING."

Coach Dibz

Domenick "Dibz" DIbenedetto is an IFBB Classic Physique Pro and NASM certified personal trainer, Nutritionist, Bodybuilding Coach and NLP Practitioner. His specialties include working with the mental aspect of winning and removing limiting beliefs. Trained by Master NLP practitioner Paul Ross and Michael Jordan's Trainer Tim Grover. Domenick will work with you to push past your limiting beliefs and develop the mental tools you need to win championships! His athletic clientele varies from OCB bodybuilders, Fitness Models, and crossfit athletes. He also manages the Kawasaki Online Dojo alongside of Master Trainer Mike Kawasaki

- Domenick Dibenedetto IFBB Pro