Confidence...what is it and how do you get it?

Confidence is a thing that I would like to call a nominalization. I hear people say "I need more confidence" or "I wish I had that kind of confidence." Paul Ross, my NLP mentor and guru, taught me that there is no such THING as confidence. You cannot go to the...

Stealth Charisma and facing the Unknown

"Stealth Charisma" is a termed coined by NLP Master Paul Ross which allows people to step into the unknown WITHOUT needing a guarantee and learning from whatever the situation has to offer.  As athletes and competitors, we LOVE the unknown, a true "Winner" will always thrive to face the unknown...

"The Competitor Mindset" by Coach Dibz

Every unstoppable competitor has fear. They love the unknown and focus on what they are doing now! They don't concern themselves with the past and they focus on what they can do to succeed in the unknown.

"Half Reps"

Check out this article about how to continue to recruit muscle fiber, well after you hit the failure point!